Shanghai Youwen Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Youwen Industrial Co., Ltd, which is located in Jinshan District,Shanghai,China with area of 2000 square meters.

Shanghai Youwen Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1995, It is an enterprise which full design, production and sales . Shanghai Youwen Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, we specialize in research, development of compression sleeve, vibratory sputum Ejection machine vest, icecap, tourniquet, Hot and cold therapy pads and other medical products. We have got the certification of ISO-13485,ISO-10993 and FDA.

Youwen now have 4 professional technical persons, 4 senior management staffs and  around 50 skilled employees. We now have the following products lines.

1.air compression sleeve and DVT series

R & D and production of domestic and international compression legs ,arms sleeves and DVT air compression products such like foot ,shank,thign and hand parts.

2. Vibratory sputum Ejection machine vest and chest belt

According to body characteristics of Asians, Vibratory sputum Ejection machine vest and chest vest are designed with intellectual property rights. With powerful development and excellent quality, perfect customer service ,the vest are the first choice of the domestic medical equipment companies.

3.Ice cap/ice blanket/tourniquet

Ice cap and blanket are made polyurethane polymer materials which can be used for high fever refractory patients cooling. They are suitable for falls , athletes to cold down the affected area, meanwhile they have important clinical significance.

With TPU high strength adhesive cloth processing custom designed,Tourniquet can fully guarantee the sealing performance and durability of the product. According with the structure of the human body design, there are two shapes of flat  and fan.

4.Hot and cold therapy Pads

It is made of TPU, the materical is antibacterial polyurethane film which can resistant hydrolysis. According to the human skeleton and human limbs curve to design,there are eight parts for hand, elbow, shoulder, waist, thigh, leg, knee, and ankle. The honeycomb mode ensures the good effect of water circulation.

5. Others like TPU civil products

TPU products are widely used because of its excellent civilian, we are developing more products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Shanghai Youwen Medical Technology Co., Ltd has 5S and IE workshop on-site management. With high quality technical products and scientific management system, we always offer sample by best and offer goods in good quality with quickly delivery .Our products enjoy high evaluation and trust of old and new customers all over the world.

Sincerely hope to get win-win business together with our clients.


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